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Together, you gave over 5,000 pets a better chance at finding a home. Want to win a scholarship while making a difference? Check out other campaigns to take action today.

Scholarship Winner

Maxene in CA
Maxene, CA

"With so many health risks on the rise in our country, I have plans to help both children and adults with nutrition. I am currently majoring in psychology to better understand the mind. I hope to get the knowledge that I need to help the masses make better decisions about the food they eat and how it effects our social relationships, bodies, animals, and our planet as a whole. Thank you DoSomething.org for giving me the chance to help my local community on an issue that is so overlooked." – Kristina V.

Best Adoption Story

Dog in MA
Bowser, MA

Most Shared Dog

Elsa in IN
Elsa, IN

Most Shared Cat

Armani in NY
Armani, NY

Cheezburger.com Favorite

Furby in CT
Furby, CT

Photographer: Maggie S.

Most Huggable Pet

Patch, CA

Photographer: Abby B.

Coolest Pet

Zander in PA
Zander, PA

Photographer: Kira C.

Funniest Pet

Midnight in OK
Midnight, OK

Photographer: Skylar B.

Best Smile

Toby in MO
Toby, MO

Photographer: Mariah J.

Best Rescue Dog

Remi in FL
Remi, FL

Photographer: Andrea A.

Best reason to adopt

Andre in KY
Andre, KY

Photographer: Jessica A.

Cuest Bunny

Butterscotch in CA
Butterscotch, CA

Photographer: Kristina V.


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